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Prayer Stones have recently become a favorite part of my home decor and are a favorite gift item as well. 


What are they? Sometimes called worry stones/ prayer rocks, they are little reminders to focus your heart and prayers on something positive, instead of worrying! My prayer stones are made from high-quality polymer clay in a beautifully smooth finish, with a speckled pattern resembling pottery. They blend with any style of home decor. They measure 2"x2"


How Are They Used? Feel free to use them however you want! They're not "religious" items, and hold no power in themselves, but instead serve as a reminder or a focus point. 

*I like to set them in groups of three next to a candle in an area where I do my devotions. I believe that when I walk past and see the word "peace" it's a gentle reminder to focus on that thought. 

*Are you an anxious driver? How about placing one in the console of your car.

*Send a set to a friend who is going through a hard time to let them know they're in your prayers.

*Tuck a "love" heart into your child's backpack (or hide one in their college dorm room)

These are just a few examples of how you can use these stones! I look forward to seeing how you choose to use them!


Polymer clay is mixed in small batches and each piece is unique. 

Each piece is handmade with love. Imperfection is perfection! Pattern placement may vary from pairs pictured. Colors may vary slightly due to monitor settings.




Prayer Stones

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